Encounter in the Sudan: A Playtest

Now, after many trials and tribulations, I’ve got some basic rules that strike my fancy, and I thought it fit to give them a trial run to see just how they played out on the actual tabletop.

I selected two armies of equal strength (4 units each) and stood them in opposition across a vast, featureless desert plain (dining table).  I wanted to see how the rules played out in the most basic scenario I could think of first, before testing them in more complex circumstances.


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Being A History of the Current Rules

Every wargame (every game, most likely) starts off as one thing, and gradually morphs into something else.  Every wargame designer will tell you that the game they set out to create is not the same game that wound up going to print.  Sometimes the changes are small; simple re-balancing of factions or units to allow for more fair (or accurate) play.

Other times, the changes can be more substantial.


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At the Queen’s Command

Welcome to At the Queen’s Command; a weblog chronicling the creation (and enjoyment) of a set of wargames rules for battles occurring during the Victorian era, and using 54mm (or “army men” scale) toy soldiers.

This blog will be chock full of pictures, discussion of wargames and wargame theory, and (mostly) battle reports as the rules themselves are tweaked and playtested to provide the most fun and balanced experience possible.

Hope you enjoy it!

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