3D-printable soldier fundraiser for Ukraine

Horrified by the unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine, I’ve been wracking my brain to figure out how I could help the brave Ukrainians defending their lives and liberty from fascist Putin’s war of aggression.

Given how many wargamers and toy soldier creators there are in Ukraine I figured something related to our beloved hobby would be appropriate.

Thus, I’ve been collaborating with some Ukrainian sculptors to design 3D-printable Ukrainian soldiers to help raise funds for Ukraine.

The first sculpt, designed by a Kharkiv-based artist, of a Ukrainian soldier firing an NLAW, has been finished and is available here for “donate what you want”:


And I’m not the only one undertaking an effort like this. Similar models from people both within and outside Ukraine have been proliferating in the tabletop 3D-printing community. Some examples include:

Please support if you can!

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Resin 3D Printing for Wargames

resin 3d printing for wargames

I finally pulled the trigger and got myself a resin 3D printer for wargaming.

I’d been thinking about getting one for a while, and now that they’re at the point where 3D printed wargame miniatures are practically indistinguishable from sculpted and cast ones, I figured this was the time. Plus, resin 3D printers have never been cheaper.

And man, it’s kind of magical. It’s like having a Star Trek replicator for toy soldiers (and you can even 3D print Star Trek toy soldiers with it. Very meta!).

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