An Insurgent Earth Battle Report in 54mm

insurgent earth tabletop wargame cover

For Christmas I received a copy of a tabletop wargame I’d been eyeing for some time: Insurgent Earth.

As the cover above suggests, it’s a game where you can create a human resistance cell and then fight against an alien occupation of Earth, with the enemies being run by the game’s “AI” (think movies like Independence Day or Battle: Los Angeles).

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Stuart Asquith “Big Wars” Memorial Game: Battle of the Sisters

I never had the good fortune to meet Stuart Asquith, but his contribution to the hobby of wargaming was immense, and I was saddened to learn of his recent passing.

It was suggested, in comments over on Man of Tin, that a way to honor Stuart’s memory would be to play a wargame on or around November 18th, the day he is being put to rest.

I loved that idea, and immediately set to work thinking about a suitable game for Stuart.

I had been inspired several years back by an absolutely epic 54mm game played by Brian Carrick using Mr. Asquith’s “Big Wars” rules (so much so in fact, I had asked for, and received, an electronic copy of said out-of-print rules).

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Skirmish at Tun Creek: An Old School “Charge!” Battle Report

It’s been a bit of time since I’ve published anything here, hasn’t it?

I am still working on my set of wargames rules, rest assured, and have even made some fine progress on a modern variation of them.

However, I struggled with the testing of my own horse and musket version; nothing seemed to feel “quite right” when I took my rules as written to the tabletop. And so, in an effort to learn from other rules writers, I’ve been playing a variety of other wargames rules, picking from those that seem to best fit my own biases for game design.

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